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System cable for home teather

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51,95 EUR

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  • for models : SA-HT05, SA-HT07, SA-HT1000, SA-HT15, SA-HT17, SA-HT500, SA-HT520, SA-HT530, SA-HT535, SA-HT623, SA-HT690, SA-HT700, SA-HT720, SA-HT730, SA-HT733, SA-HT790, SA-HT800, SA-HT810, SA-HT820, SA-HT822, SA-HT830, SA-HT833, SA-HT840, SA-HT845, SA-HT850, SA-HT870, SA-HT878, SA-HT880, SA-HT885, SA-HT888, SA-HT900, SA-HT920, SA-HT928, SA-HT930, SA-HT933, SA-HT935, SA-MT1
  • discontinued without replacement
  • Package consists of: 1 pc
  • Color: black
  • Lenght: 3,5 m


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