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Glass tray

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  • for models : NE-9051, NN-6403, NN-6853, NN-A514, NN-A524, NN-A554, NN-A574, NN-A712, NN-A713, NN-A714, NN-A720, NN-A722, NN-A723, NN-A724, NN-A725, NN-A734, NN-A750, NN-A752, NN-A753, NN-A754, NN-A755, NN-A764, NN-A770, NN-A771, NN-A772, NN-A773, NN-A774, NN-A775, NN-A811, NN-A813, NN-A814, NN-A823, NN-A850, NN-A860, N-A872, NN-A873, NN-A874, NN-A880, NN-A883, NN-A890, NN-C827, NN-CD557, NN-CD567, NN-CD748, NN-CD757, NN-CD767, NN-CT557, NN-CT756, NN-CT766, NN-CT850, NN-CT857, NN-CT867, NN-CT870, NN-CT878, NN-CT880, NN-CT890, NN-F620, NN-F621, NN-F623, NN-F650, NN-F651, NN-F660, NN-F661, NN-F663, NN-F690, NN-F691, NN-F693, NN-GT576, NN-GT578, NN-L534, NN-L554, NN-L564, NN-L750, NN-L760, NN-L763, NN-Q550, NN-Q551, NN-Q552, NN-Q553, NN-Q580, NN-Q581, NN-ST478, NN-T551, NN-T559, NN-T570, NN-T571, NN-T573, NN-T589, NN-T590, NN-T591, NN-V620, NN-V621, NN-V622, NN-V629, NN-V651, NN-V652, NN-V659, NN-V670, NN-V671, NN-V672, NN-V673, NN-V674, NN-V681, NN-V689
  • Package consists of: 1 pc
  • Diameter: 340 mm


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