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Integrated circuit

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18,40 EUR

  • for modelsĀ : SA-AK250, SA-AK270, SA-AK280, SA-AK350, SA-AK370, SA-AK450, SA-AK570, SA-AK770, SA-AK860, SA-AK870, SA-AK960, SA-BT100, SA-BX500, SA-HT995, SA-HTR210, SA-HTR310, SA-PM86, SA-PMX3, SA-PMX4, SA-PT1050, SA-PT250, SA-PT450, SA-PT460, SA-PT464, SA-PT465, SA-PT467, SA-PT470, SA-PT475, SA-PT550, SA-PT560, SA-PT565, SA-PT570, SA-PT650, SA-PT660, SA-PT665, SA-PT670, SA-PT673, SA-PT750, SA-PT753, SA-PT760, SA-PT770, SA-PT850, SA-PT860, SA-PT865, SA-PT870, SA-PT875, SA-PT950, SA-PT953, SA-PT954, SA-PT956, SA-PT960, SA-RT30, SA-VK460, SA-VK470, SA-VK660, SA-VK670, SA-VK760, SA-VK860, SA-VK870, SA-VK960, SC-HTX5, SE-FX65, SE-FX66, SH-BT100, SH-BT105, SH-FX65, SH-FX67, SH-FX70, SH-PT350, SH-PT467, SH-PT760, SH-PT770, SH-PT850, SH-PT860, SH-PT875
  • Package consists of: 1 pc
  • Replacement for: TDA8920BJ


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