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Accumulator for shaver

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  • for models : ES-LA63, ES-LA83, ES-LA93, ES-LF51, ES-LF71, ES-LV61, ES-LV65,  ES-LV74, ES-LV81, ES-LV95, ES8043, ES8044, ES8075, ES8077, ES8078, ES8101, ES8103, ES8109, ES8161, ES8162, ES8163, ES8164, ES8167, ES8168, ES8172, ES8175, ES8176, ES8224, ES8228, ES8241, ES8243, ES8249, ES8813, ES8901, ES-GA21, ES-LT71, ER-GP80, ER-GP81, ES-LV5, ES-LV6, ES-LV7, ES-LV9, ES-LV54, ES-LV64, ES-LV65, ES-LV74, ES-LV94, ES-LV95, ER-DGP62, ER-DGP82 ER-FGP62 ER-FGP82, ER-HGP62, ER-HGP82, ER-SB40, ER-SB60,  ER-SC40, ER-SC60, ES-BST2, ES-BST3, ES-BST6, ES-LT2, ES-LT3, ES-LT4, ES-LT5, ES-LT6, ES-LT7, ES-LT8, ES-LT22, ES-LT52, ES-LT72, ES-ST27, ES-ST29, ES-ST2, ES-ST37 ES-ST39, ES-ST3, ES-ST6, ES-ST8, ES-TLVK6, ES-TSTFN
  • Capacity: 680 mAh
  • Technology: Li-Ion
  • Package consists of: 1 pc
  • Color: white
  • Voltage: 3,6 V
  • Replacement for: WES8163L2504, WES8163L2505, WESLV95L2508


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